Employee Insurance

What is VEHI?

The Vermont Education Health Initiative that, for more that two decade, has served school districts by offering employee benefit plans responsive to the needs for both employers and employees and their dependents. VEHI also provides health insurance benefits to retired teachers and their dependents through the Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System.  
Our work has three essential components:
1. Making available a range of employee benefit plans, in collaboration with major insurance carriers, that are cost effective, affordable, and high-quality.
2. Designing and investing in school-based and post-employment wellness programs that give individuals and families the confidence, support and resources they need to lead healthy, productive lives
3. Keeping school districts, local unions, and the Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System informed about the health insurance market, health care reform initiatives and regulatory compliance obligations under federal and state law. 

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Insurance Plan Summaries

 Benefits Description Wrap Document for VEHI  Licensed Employees and Administrators
   Support Staff Employees excluding Cabot and Twinfield
   Support Staff Employees at Cabot and Twinfield
 Vermont Education Health Initiative  Summary of Benefits & Coverage
 FY23 Cost Comparison  Licensed Employee
   Non-Licensed Employee
   Non-Licensed Employee at Cabot and Twinfield
 Delta Dental  Summary of Benefits & Coverage
   Enrollment/Change Form